Types of Teej

In the state of Rajasthan three kinds of Teej are celebrated and worshiped by the local public in the region. Broadly,

    * On Haryali Teej : The moon is prayed to.
    * On Kajari Teej : women gather to sing songs and a pooja of neem is performed.
    * On Hartalika Teej : Fast for 3 days without any water on the second day.

      This festival is more famous amongst the people of Rajasthan and thus the celebration of Teej remains exclusive to the Jaipur region. Teej holds a special place in the heart of the people of Jaipur as a time for rejuvenation and revival of spirits after the punishing summers. The festival is made into an even more memorable experience if it rains on this day.


The legend behind the celebrations is Goddess Parvati’s hard-core Tapasya, before her union with Lord Shiva, for which she took 108 births on the Earth. The Myth goes that she failed to have Lord Shiva as her Life Partner till 107th Birth. But this divine union happened, when she again took birth for 108th time.

Teej Fair Video

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