Rajasthan is the land of valor. Numerous Rajputs have inked tales of bravery which continue to enthrall people generations later and leave them spellbound. One such tale is about Veer Teja or Tejaji, as he was popularly known.  Tejaji was born to Chaudhry Tahar and Sugna on 29th January, 1074. 

Tejaji is considered to be a folk deity in Rajasthan and is worshiped by people all over the state.  His life was full of tales of heroism. In fact, he eventually sacrificed his life to save the honor of his people. His contribution to the region is celebrated in the form of a fair. This fair which is held every year is generally celebrated on 10th day of Bhadrapada month. The fair is held in his memory at various locations throughout the state.

Legend of Tejaji

Tejaji is considered to be a folk hero in Rajasthan and sacrificed his life to save pride of his family. Local legendary tales mention that Tejaji was married in his childhood but was unaware of the same. He did not get to know of his marriage due to an old enmity between the two families.

On learning of his marriage when he grew older, he went to bring his wife home. On his way, he encountered a snake who wished to bite him due to the snake’s animosity with the family of Tejaji’s wife’s family. Veer Tejaji promised to return after fetching his wife home. He encountered numerous enemies on the way to his wife’s home and was able to kill all of them.  After having returned, Tejaji left his wife home and went back to the snake as promised.

The snake had to bite Tejaji on the tongue as no other part of Tejaji’s body was devoid of injuries. Veer Tejaji sacrificed his life to keep the honor of his family and has been thereafter worshiped as a local deity throughout the state of Rajasthan.

However, historical facts vary and point out that while returning from Paner, Tejaji was attacked by Meenas. Tejaji and his wife fought bravely but eventually Tejaji succumbed to his injuries.  

Tejaji Fair Celebrations

A fair by the name of Mela Tejaji is celebrated every year in Parbatsar, a small village located in District Nagaur of Rajasthan. Fairs are also held on the day in other districts of Rajasthan namely Beowar, Kishangarh, Bundi and Ajmer. The popularity of Veer Tejaji in Rajasthani culture can be gauged from the fact that Indian Postal Department released a special stamp in honor of Tejaji on September 7th, 2011.

Importance of Tejaji Fair

Tejaji is also worshiped as a saint and the state has numerous temples dedicated to him. It is a common belief that Tejaji can protect his devotees from snake bite and therefore he is worshiped with utmost devotion throughout the region. The fair is celebrated with religious fervor and devotees head to the temples located throughout Rajasthan on this day. Traders too make it a point to be a part of the celebrations and display their artifacts on this day.

Buying and selling cattle is considered auspicious on this day and cattle traders throughout Rajasthan participate in Tejaji Fair.

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