Tokhu Emong is a post harvest festival of Lotha Tribe in Nagaland.
The festival is celebrated for nine days with lots of enthusiasm and fun as this festival brings the time to rejoice the fruit of hard work with the end of labor period of harvesting.


The nine day long festival creates the dazzling ambience all around with excited people dressed in their best traditional attire with the common feeling of unity and brotherhood.

Tokhu Emong festival is the time to show gratitude towards each other, all people come together for celebration forgiving past animosity and bitterness.

The festival is marked by preparing delicious delicacies and inviting all friends and relatives for feast, where all people enjoy to the extreme by dining, singing and dancing together.
There is also trend of exchanging gifts of food and drinks as a token of love and friendship.

Time to Celebrate

Festivity of Tokhu Emong Festival of Lotha tribe begins on November every year. The date of the festival was not fixed earlier but later a common date for celebration was set by Wokha elders to strengthen unity among the community members. Every year the celebration of nine day long festival starts from November.

तोखू इमोंग के बारे में हिंदी में पढ़ें और जानें कि तोखू इमोंग देखने वाले को 9 दिन वहीं रहना पड़ता है, क्लिक करें

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