Tukaram Jayanti is a popular event observed in commemoration of Tuka Ram, a famous Hindu saint who gave his best to reform the society. The event is celebrated on day the great seer attained salvation.
Sant Tukaram
Marathi language and poetry has got a greater influence of Saint Tukaram as he composed and recited several hymns. These hymns became iconic on par with the person himself. Just the way in which William Shakespeare is associated with English language, is the same manner in which Tuka Ram is associated with Marathi language.

The Life of Tuka Ram

Tuka Ram was born in Dehu village of Pune in Maharashtra in 1608. Having set his sights on attaining Moksha, the revered saint has begun worshiping at a very young age. Though the exact residence of Tuka Ram is not clear, it is highly anticipated that he used to live close to Lord Vithoba Temple.

Tuka Ram belonged to a Kshatriya family. He was a businessman but could not succeed due to severe and consistent losses. Unable to cope with the hardships he chose the path of salvation after Lord Vithoba showed him the way in one of his dreams.

Contribution to Marathi Literature

Saint Tuka Ram is identified synonymously with the Marathi literature because of the immense contributions he made in a perfect manner. Perhaps, he used to display his tremendous control over the Marathi literature that no one else could for sure in the past.

Dedicating all his poems and hymns to Lord Vithoba, they all were filled with love and respect to the God. Such was his influence that some of his poems were included in Guru Granth Sahib as well. Even after achieving phenomenal success in life, he refused to wear costly clothes and jewelry. He believed in simplicity and abided by it.

Saint Tuka Ram Jayanti is observed not just in Maharashtra alone but all over India with due respect to the eminent personality of literature. Several movies and stories have been created based exclusively on the life of Tuka Ram as a mark of respect to the Lord Vithoba devotee. Throughout his life in the past and present as long as he breathed his last, Tuka Ram maintained a simple life by sacrificing all the worldly luxuries in a perfect manner.

Sant Tukaram is considered as a legend in modern Marathi literature. Several books have been written by eminent personalities describing the services he offered to the Marathi literature. The saint himself was a great admirer of Pandharpur.

Eventually, Tuka Ram became successful in instilling his theory among people and his followers that God lies in simplicity alone and not in luxury and other things. Perhaps, this is the reason why numerous saints and seers consider Sant Tuka Ram as the perfect inspiration for them.

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