It is the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi plant who is considered to be an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi, with Lord Vishnu.The legend behind Tulsi Vivah and its rites are told in the scripture Padma Purana.The Tulsi plant was a woman named Vrinda, a synonym of Tulsi.She was married to the demon-king Jalandhar. She prayed to Shri Vishnu that her demon husband should be protected, with the result no God was able to harm him. However on the request of the other Gods, Shri Vishnu took the form of Jalandhar and stayed with the unsuspecting Tulsi.

When the truth emerged after Jalandhar’s death, Vrinda cursed Shri Vishnu and turned him to stone (Saaligram) and collapsed. From her body emerged the Tulsi plant. That is why Vishnu puja is considered incomplete without Tulsi leaves.

One more  minor legend says that Mata Lakshmi - the consort of Lord Vishnu,slayed a demon on this day and re-stayed on earth in the form of Tulsi plant.

Tulsi Vivah

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