Tulsi Vivah is conducted on the day after Kartik Ekadashi (the eleventh bright day of the new moon, Amavasya). According to Hindu mythology, Tulsi is ceremonially married to Lord Vishnu on this day. The festival continues for five days and concludes on the full moon day.


Tulsi Vivah is considered very auspicious especially among Hindus. This day is considered to be the end of the harvesting season and most importantly the beginning of the marriage season in India. That is the long awaited season of marriages in Hindu community starts from the day of Tulsi Vivah, and thus is not only sacred but long awaited as well.


The festival of Tulsi Vivah is celebrated in each and every household of Goa. There is a custom associated with Tulsi Vivah according to which, womenfolk engage themselves in preparation of exquisite sweet dishes and these collection of sweets is sent to the daughters home, along with the puja ingredients from the parental house.


Along with Tulsi, the plants of amla, sugarcane and tamarind are planted.

Tulsi Vivah

तुलसी पूजा और विवाह का महत्व हिंदी में पढ़ें, क्लिक करें

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