“One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.”

On 14 February, every year this festival is celebrated in every part of the world as love knows no boundaries. Flowers, cards, laces, heart shaped chocolates and candies, teddies, love birds are all a part of the celebration and everyone exchanges them to express their love with these mementos.

Red being the color of love is the dress code at most of the Valentine’s Day parties held in every region of the planet.

Valentine’s Day in the ancient times was celebrated by large gatherings and ladies used to drop their laced handkerchiefs to attract their beloved. The person who used to pick up the handkerchief used to be her Valentine. Candies in heart shaped boxes were the most popular gifts in the past.

Valentine s Day CelebrationsWith time changing on its pace, gifts have also taken a different face. Today, expensive perfumes, watches, spas and bouquets of red roses have taken the highest positions. Chocolates and cute teddies are the fillers and cards are obviously a must.

On this day, lovers convey their emotion for each other while friends also exchange gifts to show their bond. Valentine’s Day is followed by a week of other days that are dedicated to your loved ones.

The Valentine’s week starts with a Rose Day followed by Chocolate day, Propose day, Promise Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day and so on. This entire week is called Valentine’s week which is dedicated to the love and bond we share with our friends, family and partners throughout the years and lives.  

Celebration in India

Valentine’s Day celebrations in India have caught up very rapidly. In the last decade or so, India has been adopting a lot of western trends and this is certainly one of them. Youngsters of India celebrate this day with all the enthusiasm and paint the country with the colour of love.

Unlike yesteryears, these days you will find the gift shops with big red heart shaped balloons, chocolates, cards and shopping malls are all decorated with hearts and cupid arrows. A lot of couples are seen celebrating the day and grooving to the beats at the parties thrown out on this day of love.

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