1. Jewelry-Embellished Flower Vase

For an inexpensive yet chic Valentine s Day gift, prepare a beautiful vase. Use an adhesive to glue some old jewellery to a plain glass bottle for a simple yet creative design. When the glue dries, paint the bottle with some high-gloss paint. Also gift a bouquet of flowers for a romantic home decor gift.

2. Love Quote Wine Wraps

Spruce up your beaus favorite bottle of bubbly with a love quote label. Also pair the wine with some mouthwatering treats (an idea for a perfect romantic evening).

3. Candy-Heart Photo Frame

Instead of simply gifting candy hearts to your date, dress up a picture frame with colorful candy hearts for a Valentine gift. Cut out a cardboard in the shape of a circle and fit it on a square frame. Stick the hearts on the circle, and then glue it to the frame. Insert a favorite photo of you and your loved one, for a present you both will cherish.

4. A Movie Basket

Prepare a gift basket loaded with your valentine s favorite movie, bottle of champagne and some chocolates. Your thoughtfulness will make the perfect Valentine s Day gift. Also include marshmallows, smores and roasting twigs if you plan an evening by the fire.

5. Muslin Candy Bags

Prepare your loved one s favorite candy in a hand-designed muslin bag. Place a piece of cardboard inside a muslin bag and stamp an image on the front. Remove the cardboard and set aside the bag to dry. Fill it with candy for Valentine s Day gift.

6. Handmade Gift Packaging

Try handmade gift packing for giving jewelry, movie tickets, cosmetics, or a favorite poem scroll. Place the gift in a votive holder, cover with a paper muffin liner and tie with a silken string or ribbon.

7. A Bespoke Love Bracelet

If you have some extra cash, why not splurge it on a love bracelet engraved with name initials or the word itself, Love. It can be in gold or platinum (if you are in a serious relationship).

8. A Knitted Jumper

Gift your beau a ready-made (embroidered with their initials) or a complete hand knitted jumper. It can also be a hoodie or a t-shirt in your beau’s favorite color or pattern.

9. A Love Pillow

Customize a pillow or cushion with a pretty pattern that spells out love or just a heart. Paint or embroider to make this sweet gift.

10. A Gym Membership

Your lover might be evading a healthy lifestyle for long, so why not nail the opportunity by getting them enrolled in a gym. Sponsor the membership and gift your partner a healthy lifestyle.

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