It doesn’t matter how you decide to enjoy a Valentines dinner date, rather it’s the intent that makes it perfect. Here s a bunch of ideas that will set you apart on a Valentines dinner date.

1. Candlelight Dinner in Backyard

You can plan your Valentines dinner at a restaurant and enjoy the dessert in your backyard or you can have food delivered home. Light the candles in your backyard and place a few on a small table where both of you can have an intimate conversation over food.

2. Romantic Theme Based Restaurants

This is a time tested romantic dinner date idea at its very best. All the restaurants are jam packed at this time of the year since they themes, be it are aptly prepared for the occasion be it their music or cuisine. If you just want to sit back with your date and savor some fine food, this is the place to be!

3. A Home Cooked Meal

Show off your culinary skills by inviting your date over for dinner on Valentines. It gives you a chance to let your date know how special they are to you. If you are not confident about your skill, follow a cookbook and prepare something simple for your date. After all it’s the gesture that matters ( and can leave a memorable impression too).

4. For a Couch Potato

Order a home delivered treat, kick your shoes off and watch a movie at home. Nothing compares the fun experienced over a rom com with your partner (with some good food). Enjoy the food, watch the movie and get to know each other. It’s an easy and comfortable idea for a Valentines dinner date.

5. The Unconventional Route

Take a route less travelled this time. Walk down a food street and eat anything that catches your attention. It’s mainly junk and that’s what makes it fun! Don’t hesitate to grab a bite from a street burger joint or a cart on the street. Also try to end the date with several scoops of ice cream before heading back home. A dessert always makes for a perfect ending!

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6. A Karaoke Night

Visit a karaoke bar, watch several other bathroom singers out of tune, have dinner, join the list of bad singers by joining in and don’t forget to entice your partner while you’re at it. This will definitely leave both of you with loads of hilarious memories that will only strengthen your bond.

7. A Long Drive & Dinner

It’s been rightly said that the journey is more important than the destination. Plan beforehand and head out early in the evening (some place away from the city). Enjoy the view, have a wonderful conversation along the way and create a memory that’ll be worth remembering.

8. Live Music

It can be a perfect idea for a Valentine dinner date. Pick a restaurant with live jazz or any kind of music that suits the mood of the day. With love in the air, both of you will feel cosy and romantic in the ambience of the dim lights and the smooth music resonating around you.

9. A Pizza Feast

This makes for a no fuss, but a memorable plan. Dress up in your casuals, pick up a pizza along the way and leave for a romantic place (be it a cliff or playground).Sometimes, sitting in a park with a pizza, a drink and watching others pass by can make the place idyllic and delightful.

10. Try A New Cuisine Together

There are a number of delicacies offered by different restaurants (especially for Valentines). If both of you are up for it, take a chance on something together. Go for some exotic sounding treats. Variety always adds to the fun quotient of the Valentines dinner date experience.
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