The common notion among people is that an ideal Valentines date has to be an expensive formal affair. The good news is that it’s a misconception. The fact is that a little creativity mixed with some frugality can give a memorable date. Here are some ideas to have a great first Valentine’s Day together.

1. Just Chillax   

The most important rule is to just relax. If you’ve only been dating a short while, the last thing you want to do is burden yourself (or him) with enormous expectations of a perfect date. Talk about Valentine’s Day in advance so you can both plan ahead for the day. Collaborating on a casual day will take the pressure off both of you.

2. Curb the Spending

Don’t spend a hefty amount of money on a holiday before you’ve even had your first anniversary! Do yourself a favour by spending within your budget. Your relationship is still young, so keep it fun. Try and get gifts (preferably DIY stuff or handmade cards) that are unique rather than expensive.

3. The Classy Date

The theatre is one of best first date ideas for a new couple. Book for a show beforehand (online) for your Valentines date, wear your finest clothes and you’re ready for a fun day that lies ahead. Another advantage is the intermission during the show, when you’ll get a chance to chat. The presence of a crowd will take the focus off the daunting day and let you enjoy an artsy date.

4. A Daytime Rendezvous

Dating in the daylight will automatically make your Valentine’s date more informal. If you want to make your Valentine’s date feel natural and not contrived, take the day off to spend a few flirty hours with your love interest. One can go for coffee or a long drive, options are endless. This is a perfect way to spend your first Valentine’s Day together.

5. Appreciate Art Together

A trip to the local art gallery is a great first date for the art lovers. It’s not a bad idea to research on the exhibit beforehand, though. A planned execution not only leaves a favourable impression, but also saves you from an embarrassing situation (like an accidental visit to an exhibit on the horrors of Guantanamo Bay or the atrocities of war).

6. Act Like a Tourists

Every year, probably scores of tourists travel to your city to have a gala time. So avail the opportunity and go touring with your date, in your hometown. Contact the local tourism office and gather information on all kinds of events and sights worth seeing (especially for Valentine ’s Day). Take your date for a trip around your hometown and see the city from a foreigner’s perspective.

7. Melt the Ice

Ice-skating is an innocent fun idea, especially for a first date. It’s a great date for individuals who love to be active even during the chilly month of love, February. Catch over a skating session, in order to break the ice. Holding hands of one’s partner is a fun way to spend an afternoon and an excellent opportunity to get to know each other.

8. Favor Your Taste Buds

Discovering new experiences together is a great way to connect with another person. If you re both adventurous foodies, try a restaurant with a tasting menu. Explore some new eateries offering exotic cuisines, something neither of you have savoured ever. This element of adventure will add some excitement to your date.

9. Explore the Woods

Exploring the outdoors like a hike or a nature walk is a terrific first date idea, provided your date is game for it. You need to know them before planning for such excursion. A nature loving person who has a streak of adventure will always choose to mingle over an active date rather than a lazy conversation indoors.

10. Go for a Swap Meet

One can have a fun date over hunting good bargains at a flea market. Utilize your companions opinion and look for antique items, electronic goods or old comic books sold below their market value. Shopping is always more enjoyable with a mate (or soul mate) .Moreover you can also earn some profit if the item is worth some money (by selling on eBay).

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