On Valentine s Day, one can find an endless selection of cards, but nothing compares with the appeal of a handmade card oozing with affection. Try some of these ideas to make handmade cards that recipients will want to keep long (or forever).

1. Block print Valentines Card

  • Design of your choice 
  • Tracing paper 
  • Pencil 
  • Speedy Stamp 
  • Large spoon 
  • cutter 
  • cutter blades 
  • Block-printing ink  
  • Wax-coated paper plates 
  • Card stock 
  1. Choose a design of your choice such as a heart, a photograph, a pattern, a leaf, etc. Trace the selected design with a pencil (using the trace paper).
  2. Using a cutter, carefully carve out the design.
  3. Squeeze out some block-printing ink onto a wax-coated paper plate. Use a rubber brayer over ink to spread it. Make sure that the brayer is thoroughly covered with an even layer of ink before it s rolled over the block.
  4. Place the card stock (facedown) on the stamp and lightly rub the surface with the back of a spoon. Gently pull paper away to achieve the impression.

2. Folding Hearts Valentines Card

  • Patterned gift paper
  • Cutter
  1. Cut a big heart from paper that has a white side and a patterned side.
  2. Lay the heart with the patterned side down. Fold in from sides.
  3. Fold the top just above the middle. Now fold the point up.
  4. Turn the envelope so flap is at the top, and seal with a sticker.

3. Seed Starter Valentines Card

  • Seeds
  • Envelope
  • Pot
  1. Propagating seeds represent nurturing relationships. Give flower seeds with little pots that they can take grow in. Put seeds in the plain envelopes available at the stationery stores (maybe a love note as well), and label with an eraser stamp. Use a stencil or make a heart with thumbprints. Also mention the growing instructions on its back.

4. Floral Stamp Card

  • Paper napkin
  • Stamp pad 
  • Cards, stationery
  • Vegetable or flower
  1. Cut off the stem end (of the chosen vegetable) with a knife and place it on a paper napkin for five minutes to dry.
  2. Press cut side onto a stamp or ink pad, then onto cards, blotting on paper towel between presses. Vary stamp shapes with other floral shaped vegetables (eg. celery, romaine lettuce stems cut in half).

5. Quilled Valentine Cards

  • Coloured paper strips
  • Plain card
  • Glue
  1. Quilling is the art of creating intricate shapes from strips of paper. Glue some quilled hearts on a card
  2. Write some sweet sentiments beneath them like- You re sweet, hug me, you and me, be true, my love, cutie pie etc.

6. Lacy Valentines Card

  • Note cards and envelopes
  • Scalloping scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Ruler and pencil
  1. Draw a line (1/8 inch) from the edge of the paper with a ruler and a pencil
  2. Cut along the line using scalloping scissors. Make dots inside each scallop with a pencil.
  3. Use the marks as a point to punch out circle using a hole punch.

7. Butterfly Valentines Card

  • Colored card stock
  • Lollipop
  • Glitter
  • Marker
  • Tape
  1. Draw or stencil a butterfly on colored card-stock.
  2. Cut out the card in shape of the design. Make slits for lollipop in the middle of two wings and then insert it.
  3. Stick a piece of tape at the back of the lollipop to keep it in place. Add glitter on the wings and write your message as well.

8. Valentine s Day Accordion Envelope Card

  • Envelopes, 25/8 inches by 35/8 inches
  • White flat cards, 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches 
  • Edge punch 
  • Glue stick 
  1. To make, paste inside of the flap of each envelope to the front of the envelope above it.
  2. Fill the envelopes with assorted mementos, love notes, gift cards or movie tickets

9. Tweet-Hearts Valentine s Day Card

  • Coloured paper or card-stock
  • Marker
  1. Show your very own tweet-heart to express your love this Valentine s Day. A round card can be made by folding a piece of card-stock in half and partially cutting a circle.
  2. Emboss a large heart to add texture and then layer two birds on top. For the banner, stamp letters (or use a marker) on a white card-stock. A green trimmed paper can be added to show the grass beneath the birds.

10. I Heart You- Banner Card

  • Cardboard
  • Cardstock
  • Twine
  • Buttons (preferably heart shaped)
  1. Write a love note on metal-rim tags (made in round shape using cardboard and metal bangles) for a fun way to honor your honey.
  2. Attach the tags to the banner by inserting baker s twine through buttons and adhering the buttons to the metal rim tags. Attach it to a layered card.

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