“Love is needing someone. Love is putting up with someone s bad qualities because they somehow complete you.”

February is considered as the month of love and the second week of this month is dedicated to our loved ones, celebrating a new exciting event every single day. The Valentine’s week kick-starts from 7 February every year, beginning with the Rose Day and ends with Valentine’s Day.
Rose Day - 7 February:
This is the first day of Valentine’s week, when we give away roses to our loved ones. Roses of different colors convey different messages and feelings; like red is for love and yellow is for friendship.

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Propose Day - 8 February:
Rose day is then followed by the Propose day. On this day, you confess your love to someone and express your feelings. It is an ideal day for partners to propose marriage as well.

Valentine s WeekChocolate Day - 9 February:
This third day of the Valentine’s week is devoted to chocolates. On the chocolate day, you can indulge your near and dear ones in the sweetness of chocolates

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Teddy Day - 10 February:
Then we have teddy day where girls are gifted soft teddies. Almost all the girls are fond on teddy bears and this can be the suitable day for you to gift one to your partner.

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Promise Day - 11 February:
The more you move towards love, the more you need assurance and promises. Promise Day is the day when you can make promises or commitments to your loved ones. It gives your partner a sense of security and beautifies the relationship even further.

Hug Day - 12 February:
On the sixth day of Valentine’s week, send warm hugs to your friends, family or partners. Hugging is one of the most prominent way to express your affection to the person you love.

Kiss Day - 13 February:
And just before the Valentine’s Day, there is the kiss day. As you proceed towards an ultimate relationship, this day allows you to express your passionate side to your partner.

Valentine’s Day - 14 February:
Then arrives the much awaited day of the love week, the Valentine’s Day, where you sum up all the above days to make one special and memorable day for your love. You gift chocolates, teddy bears and flowers, make promises and propose your love.

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