Just a thought of Valentine’s Day draws an image of the most romantic and loving flowers of all, Red Roses. Red Rose is the perfect symbol of love and is considered the most ideal gifts for valentine. The freshness and smell of the flower expresses the genuine feeling of love and warmth.

The relation of rose flower with love is traced back to the period of Charles II of Sweden in the 1700s. Charles II introduced new language in Europe, the Persian language of flowers and many books were also published that time to promote the same.

vday3.jpgThese books contained all content regarding the meaning of each flower and its color in the flower language, this communicated red rose as a symbol of love, passion and beauty.

Then after, trend of presenting rose to beloved on Valentine’s Day started and created strong association of rose with love and Valentine s Day.

rose is also considered as a favorite flower of the Roman mythological Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus and so the rose is believed to have strong bond with love and romance.

Different colors roses depict different meanings so this valentine day, know your color before presenting rose to anyone!!!!

Significance of Different Colors of Roses

Rose of different colors symbolizes different emotions and feelings. One therefore needs to be careful while presenting a rose to loved one:

    * Red Roses                          Love and passion

    * White Roses                       True love, purity of the
                                                    mind and reverence

    * Yellow Roses                      Friendship, celebration
                                                   and joy

    * Pink Roses                          Friendship or Sweetheart,

    * Peach Roses                       Desire and excitement or

    * Lilac Roses                         Love at first sight and

    * Coral Roses                        Desire

    * Orange Roses                    Enthusiasm and desire

    * Black Roses                       Farewell or "It s Over"

    * Bouquet of Red                 Happiness and celebrations
      and Yellow Roses 

    * Bouquet of Red                Bonding and harmony
      and White Roses  

    * Bouquet of Yellow            Passion
      and Orange Roses

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