Vishnupur Festival

Vishnupur Festival is one of the familiar festivals of Bengal which celebrate the true essence of Bengal in its own conventional style. The popularity can be judged by the fact that the festival has been assigned the status of National Fair of India.

Vishnupur Festival is celebrated near the Madanmohana Temple, Vishnupur (Bishnupur) in Bankura district of West Bengal.

The festival celebrates the rich heritage of the temple town of Vishnupur, noted for its stunning terracotta temples and elegant silk saris.


Vishnupur festival is the main occasion which attracts huge conglomeration of crowd from different places to experience the true legacy of Bankura, Bengal. The place is distinguished for its crafts, attractive terracotta temples and graceful silk saris.

The Vishnupur festival is the perfect blend of past and the present traditions and is characterized by exhibition and sale of local handicrafts, sculptures, hand woven and printed cloths.

Another attraction of the festival is the stupefying performance of the rich musical tradition by musicians and singers of Vishnupur Gharana which further enriches the festival and makes it an important tourism attraction.

Time for celebration

The famous Vishnu Festival is celebrated in the month of December from 27 to 31st December every year. One can reach the site of Vishnupur Festival by following options:


The nearest airport from Vishnupur is at Kolkata which is 151 kms away and Kolkata is well connected to all major cities of the country.


Vishnupur has a small railway station but directly linked to Howrah by many direct trains from Howrah to Vishnupur like Asansol Passenger, Gomoh Passenger, Howrah-Purulia Passenger, Hatia-Kharagpur, Rupashi Bangla Express, Purulia Express etc. Howrah is well connected to all major cities of the country.


Vishnupur is well-connected by regular bus services to Kolkata (takes around 4 -5 hours) Even Cars and jeeps can also be hired for the route and cycle rikshaws are available for local transport.

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