It was in 1986, when the first AIDS case was detected in India. After the detection of AIDS, the Government of India took a decision to set up the National AIDS Committee in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to combat the epidemic.

The National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) was established in 1992-99 after the launch of the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP).

Initially, the research for HIV infections was carried out only among the children. But, gradually this notion was demolished completely which resulted in the involvement of research activities among people coming from any strata of life irrespective of age, sex and nationality.

On the World AIDS Day, officials from the Government and other NGOs wear the red ribbon, the global symbol of AIDS/ HIV awareness and distribute condoms among the people.

AIDS can be defined as an evil for our society and we have to combat this evil through the weapons of knowledge, care, respect and dignity for the HIV-infected persons. People suffering from this disease are not untouchable and they have equal rights to live in this society.

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