Every year the J & K Government conducts the holy yatra to pilgrimage located amidst Himalayas, the popular Amarnath Yatra. The journey to the Amarnathji is not an easier one, as one has to cross the steep routes which are at altitudes as high as 4276 Mtr. (Mahagunas) from the sea level. Listed below are the tips to be followed by yatris to enjoy hurdle free journey.


Always remember to get registered a month before the instigation of the journey to holy cave because registration is the prerequisite for starting the journey.
Amarnath Yatra Registration


Due to the climatic conditions on the way to the holy cave, which can turn to cold or wet, yatris are recommend to carry sufficient woolens such as over coats, sweaters,  woolen trousers, caps, blankets etc. Pilgrims are also advised to take certain items which can protect them from rain like umbrellas which can be tied on head, rain coat, waterproof boots/shoes, walking stick etc. Other items to be carried are wind cheaters, sleeping bags, torch etc. Pilgrims are also suggested to wear clothes which are comfortable to wear but should avoid saris and dhotis.

Medical Assistance:

Jammu and Kashmir Government also arranges Medical posts with qualified medical staff to furnish the needs of the pilgrims, without any charge then also, it is suggested to take personal first aid kits and specific medicines prescribed by doctor.


Government. also establish various depots on the route at different places to provide food items at reasonable costs and even many private restaurants and tea stalls are also present to cater the needs of yatris. However, carrying dry food items like dry-fruits, biscuits, mathri and tinned food is advisable.


As the journey requires trekking to heights from sea level, making it full of risks and danger, pilgrims are advised to get them insured before departure from their home.


Tents are provided on fair rates for yatris with allied facilities by Jammu and Kashmir Government and private parties. Booths are also present at base camps for advance booking of such tents.

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